How to return Filter-ID attribute value for the users in Active Directory?

suggestme suggest_me at
Wed Jan 18 17:04:55 CET 2012

There are different users under Staff, Administrators, Retirees, etc in
active directory as:

OU=Staff                                          OU=Administrators                      
CN=users                                          CN=users                                  

I have to return the filterID value for staff users as:

Filter-Id := "Enterasys:version=1:policy=staff"

Also, filterID value for Administrators users as:

Filter-Id := "Enterasys:version=1:policy=Administrators"

similarly for others.

> If you want to return a different filter for different users, you will 
> obviously need some kind of lookup table from user->filter. That will 
> need to live somewhere.

How to do this? Can the lookup table be created inside Active Directory
using the attribute? If so, how to return that user's filter attribute value
that is created from Active Directory back to NAS again.



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