Problem with MSCHAP and Freeradius authentication

NdK ndk.clanbo at
Fri Jan 20 20:55:23 CET 2012

Il 20/01/2012 19:44, Alan DeKok ha scritto:

>   The radclient program has since been updated.
Then it could be better to update that page, since it's the reference
for all newbies that try to make it work.

>   You hard-coded it to *always* do NTLM authentication, using the PAP
> credentials.  Then you sent it a request which didn't contain a
> cleartext password.
That's easy, it's on the page: remove the DEFAUL added for testing :)

>   Again, the guide explains this in great detail.  Follow it, and it
> will work.
"It *should* work" is more correct :(
There still are many things that can go wrong.


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