Problem with MSCHAP and Freeradius authentication

Dhiraj Gaur dhiraj.gaur at
Sat Jan 21 14:42:40 CET 2012

Thanks ndk and alan I lll give it a fresh try to the testbed. I have
already deleted the DEFAULT entry from the users file and updated mschap as
indicated. I think what might be forcing NTLM_AUTH is an entry which i made
to the authorize section of default file after which ntlm_auth strated to
work for me

if(!control:Auth-Type) {
                update control {
                        Auth-Type = "ntlm_auth"
I ll try removing the same and then need to see how mschap thing will work.
Would appreciate if you may point me to a further howto on the same. I aim
to connect and eap client through radius without the use of certificates
for which MSCHAP seems to be an option.

I think I ll write a howto or add a wiki entry if I can make it work fine.

Dhiraj Gaur

On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 2:16 AM, Alan DeKok <aland at>wrote:

> NdK wrote:
> >>   The radclient program has since been updated.
> > Then it could be better to update that page, since it's the reference
> > for all newbies that try to make it work.
>   Yeah, I've gone and fixed that.  "git" is nice for updating web pages.
> > "It *should* work" is more correct :(
> > There still are many things that can go wrong.
>   If it doesn't work, the web pages explain which part to blame.  99% of
> the time, it's a bug in someone else's software.
>  Alan DeKok.
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Dhiraj Gaur
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