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It means that there are conflicting definitions for an attribute number associated with the Juniper vendor ID. 

Look for an attribute with the same number as defined for Unisphere-Ingress-Policy-Name in the Juniper dictionary file, and comment it out.

It sounds like the conflicting attribute is an integer, and its definition is being used over Unisphere-Ingress-Policy-Name which is obviously a string.


On 24 Jan 2012, at 21:33, Paul Stewart wrote:

> Hi there..
> I’m trying to get an understanding on a FreeRadius installation how to enable the unisphere.dictionary.  There are specific attributes in that file that we need such as “Unisphere-Ingress-Policy-Name”.  By default, this dictionary file is commented out due to “attribute conflicts”.
> Can someone share a bit more info?  I need unisphere attributes and also erx attributes to function on the same FreeRadius system ultimately …. We have a mixture of Juniper ERX equipment and Juniper MX equipment that needs to talk to FreeRadius.
> When I try to add a “Unisphere-Ingress-Policy-Name = 512k” for example in the users file I get “invalid integer” error.
> Thanks for any insight…
> Paul
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