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Sergio Belkin sebelk at
Wed Jan 25 01:13:08 CET 2012

2012/1/16 Alan Buxey <A.L.M.Buxey at>
> Where's the log for when this happens?  As MAC auth wouldn't go through EAP tunnel it would suggest that some entry in eg users file is coming into play...
> alan

Alan, I have three logs,

I have the following parameter on radiusd.conf:

requests = ${logdir}/radiusd-%{%{Virtual-Server}:-DEFAULT}-%Y%m%d.log

For example for today, I have

/var/log/radius/radiusd-inner-tunnel-20120117.log (using ttls)
var/log/radius/radiusd-inner-tunnel-peap-20120117.log (using peap)

The weird thing is that I've found one user that has entries *only* in
/var/log/radius/radiusd-DEFAULT-20120117.log  AFAIK is out-of-tunnel

For example:

Mon Jan 16 11:22:57 2012 : Auth: Login OK: [wterra] (from client
AP-PVIII-VI port 2 cli 00-11-00-E4-67-EE)

But neither wterra nor 00-11-00-E4-67-EE have entries in
/var/log/radius/radiusd-inner-tunnel-* log files

Please could you explain me?

I don't use mac based authentication...

Thanks in advance!

Sergio Belkin
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