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I assume this ID is generated by the device generating radius, and not something that is calculated by freeRadius?  Is this ID a radius attribute, such as either Acct-Session-Id or Acct-Unique-Session-Id?  Is there a standard method used to derive this ID for devices that output RADIUS?  I am developing an application that outputs RADIUS accounting, and suspect that the issue is caused by not properly constructing the RADIUS packets, not that the other end is taking too long to process the requests and respond as Mr. Dekok suggests.


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> Hi,
> >    “Error: Discarding duplicate request from client [IP REDACTED]:49603 - ID:
> >    204 due to unfinished request 298385”
> >
> >    Far more often than I believe I should.  What does it mean for a request
> >    to be unfinished, and how does freeRadius determine that a request is a
> >    duplicate?
> >
> each packet has an ID - this is kept in a process buffer - so if a matching
> packet comes in, then the server knows its already dealing with that one and
> hasnt finished with it marks the new as a duplicate - the cause for this
> is often that the backend dealing with a packet is too slow - eg SQL insert for
> an accounting packet is often the issue
> alan
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