Changing domain for ntlm_auth

NdK ndk.clanbo at
Thu Jan 26 10:36:00 CET 2012

Il 25/01/2012 20:54, Phil Mayers ha scritto:

>> [...]
>> So I *can* insert unlang code there! Perfect!
> No. This is not "unlang". It's just a string expansion.
Yup. Sorry, I was referencing the cut part.

> Unlang is a processing "language" that is only valid inside the virtual
> server "authorize", "post-auth", etc. sections. It's not valid in module
> configs.

Since it seems I have to do EXACTLY the same mapping both in "default"
and "inner-tunnel" sites, I saved my "if" chain in and used
$INCLUDE to insert it in both virtual servers, just after the opening
brace of authorize. Hope it's the correct thing to do :) (even if
there's a "suspect" preprocess module in 'default' thats smells like a

Too bad it seems unlang doesn't like :
if (cond) {
} elsif (othercond) {
} elsif (yetanother) {
(gives "too many closing braces" on the last line) or even:
if (cond) {
} else
if (othercond) {
} else
if (yetanother) {
(this one evaluates 'othercond' and 'yetanother' even if 'cond' is true,
completely discarding the 'else').
[The ratio to use the 'if' on another line is that doing so I can
reorder the conditions w/o introducing errors]

That seems quite a serious limit in the unlang grammar...


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