Authorization with Active Directory

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Thu Jan 26 22:21:46 CET 2012

Thanks a lot again for showing me the direction.

Everything works perfect except the conditional checking for
Client-Shortname. I tried using:

*if (Client-Shortname =~ /^localhost/) {*

It didn't work saying Client-Shortname as unknown attribute.

Again I tried using:

* if ("%{client: shortname}" =~ /^localhost/) {*

It also showed the following test result:

I am testing it with localhost; In the debug mode output it shows:

+++? if ("%{client: shortname}" =~ /^localhost/)
        expand: %{client: shortname} ->
? Evaluating ("%{client: shortname}" =~ /^localhost/) -> FALSE
+++? if ("%{client: shortname}" =~ /^localhost/) -> FALSE

Why is the condition checking for localhost is evaluated as FALSE?
In my clients.conf I have just listed the default FreeRadius configuration
for localhost as:

client localhost {

ipaddr =
secret          = testing123
nastype     = other

Can't it be tested using localhost shortname; should I need to use client in
real environment testing instead of localhost ? OR is there any silly thing
I am missing again..........

For just trial purpose I used NAS-IP-Address and supplied my localhost IP
address inside "If" condition; it is works.


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