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	I found the problem... It's Acct-Interim-Time that is not set for
some groups and I can't find why... I am solving the problem now... Thank
you for your help!


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> >> And what does freeradius debug log say?
> >
> > [Nataniel Klug] This is a production server and I can't run it in
> > debug mode
> > (-X) and as it's not been a common problem it appear just once or
> > twice during a day I can't be monitoring it all the time. Is there any
> > other way to make the debug mode?
> Try "man radmin", look for "debug". That's assuming you setup
> correctly (i.e. edit the file, symlink to sites-enabled, etc).
> Last time I check the output is slightly different (e.g. you can't see
> attributes), so if you can't make it work with that then your only option
is to run
> FR in debug mode. It's important because it can tell whether the attribute
> from sqlipool, or whether some other module overwrite it (e.g. files,
sql), or
> whether FR is sending the correct ip address, but the client simply
ignores it.
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