Decoding complex CableLabs-Event-Message

Laurent Debacker laurentdebacker.occ at
Tue Jan 31 09:23:47 CET 2012


We would like to use FreeRadius to decode Cablelabs accounting messages, as
specified in

FreeRadius has a CableLabs dictionary, which works fine, but...
The value of one of the AVP, CableLabs-Event-Message, is actually an HEX
value containing additional fields.
For example:
        CableLabs-Event-Message =

The FreeRadius does not decode that value to get all details.
For example, bytes 4 to 28
(d2d2026d303100000000000030303130303030000e812333) is actually the BCID
(Billing Correlation ID) field.
The BCID itself contains 4 "sub" fields: NTP time reference (4 first
bytes), Element ID (next 8 bytes), Time Zone (next 8 bytes), and Event
counter (ast 4 bytes).
See the packet cable specifications for more details.

I understood the only way would be to write a perl module to decode those

Before I start writing, does anyone know of any implementation of such a
perl module? I would not like spending my time rewriting something that
already exists.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone could provide on this topic.

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