Segmentation Fault in 2.1.12 -

DaveA daldwinc at
Tue Jan 31 17:16:28 CET 2012

FreeRadius has been stable for about a month, up until yesterday, and I have
not changed the configuration of the server. I began seeing segmentation
faults as seen below:

#grep radiusd /var/log/messages
Jan 30 15:53:03 radius1 kernel: radiusd[14764]: segfault at 70 ip
00007fb9d4ba81ed sp 00007fb9917fa490 error 4 in[7fb9d4ba6000+7000]
Jan 31 09:09:43 radius1 kernel: radiusd[26073]: segfault at 70 ip
00007fe5e2c9a1ed sp 00007fe5a2bfc490 error 4 in[7fe5e2c98000+7000]
Jan 31 09:12:33 radius1 kernel: radiusd[8743]: segfault at 70 ip
00007fa6d3acc1ed sp 00007fa6cd241490 error 4 in[7fa6d3aca000+7000]
Jan 31 09:20:38 radius1 kernel: radiusd[9849]: segfault at 70 ip
00007ff092a6c1ed sp 00007ff08fde7490 error 4 in[7ff092a6a000+7000]

I have not included my radiusd -X because it will need to be heavily
censored and I have my fingers crossed that someone can help with only the
information I've provided. 

Can anyone tell me how to prevent this, or if a fix is available?

Thank you,

Dave A.

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