RES: Stuck with exec script from radgroupreply sql table

Stefan König montiburns at
Thu Jul 5 20:05:01 CEST 2012

lscrlstld schrieb:
>> I want to set a dynamic "Session-Timeout" for certain groups. For
>> testing purposes I created a TESTGROUP in the database table
>> radgroupreply with an entry like this:
>> id     GroupName     Attribute      Value     op
>> 263    TESTGROUP     Session-Timeout     `%{exec:/var/skripte/}`
>> Try to use a mysql procedure to return this value in the stand query.

Hm thanks. I try to achieve, that users in certain groups have another
Session-Timeoutthan users from other groups.
I am not THAT much into mysql, but is it possible to form this into a
sane query?
Implement IF clauses depending if a user is in TESTGROUP and then
returning AV pairs?
Aren't such control flow functions  quite slow in mysql?
But executing a script might not be a fast solution too :)


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