How to Disable on Iphone and MAC OSX Clients use of Certificates

Patrick Machauer machauer at
Mon Jul 9 13:51:03 CEST 2012


Nedi <nedi at> hat am 9. Juli 2012 um 13:24 geschrieben:

>  Hi,
>  I use on Bufallo Router the Freeradius Server future and all works
> well  with Certificates, but sometimes after router reboot  some
>  clients can’t login in the Network if Certificate used.
>  If I disable the certificate check on windows I can login without
> Certificate  but on new Macbook and Iphone  I can’t disable
>  Certificate check.
>  Has anyone idea what I can do? and is this dangerous to communicate
> in Wlan without Certificate check activated?

Thats a bad idea, anyone can setup a Rogue AP with your WLAN SID in
your Network and collect the authentication trials
of the users. Server Certificate is a MUST ! Don't disable the checks.
Don't talk to strangers.

>  Can the Wlan without use of Certificate easy be hacked?


>  Best Regards
>  Nedi
>  -
It's seems strange to me, that a router reboot causes the
Freeradius-Servercert to fail. Debugoutput ?

Patrick Machauer

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