Iliya Peregoudov iperegudov at
Thu Jul 12 08:26:35 CEST 2012

Hi Carl,

I personally have used EAP-TTLS/EAP-GTC with Nokia S60 phone. Nokia S60 
supplicant display EAP-GTC prompt. This prompt is set in raddb/eap.conf 
gtc{} subsection and defaults to "Password: " string.

EAP-GTC is thoroughly documented by RFC 3748. Typical EAP-GTC message 
exchange is following:

S: EAP-Request(Type=Identity)
C: EAP-Response(Type=Identity, Type-Data=<username>)
S: EAP-Request(Type=GTC, Type-Data=<prompt>)
C: EAP-Response(Type=GTC, Type-Data=<password>)
S: EAP-Success or EAP-Failure

Carl Pierre wrote:
> Hello:
> Are there any clients that actually display the EAP-GTC challenge?
> Essentially, I am trying to use EAP-GTC similarly to how PAP 
> Access-Challenge works:
> Client: -------User/Pass---------------->Server
> Client: <--Challenge Message---------Server
> Client: -------Challenge Response--->Server
> Client: <-------Accept------------------>Server
> So far, I cannot seem to find documentation to suggest that I CANNOT do 
> this, and the spec suggests that I can, but I cannot seem to find 
> anything that will do this.
> In addition, are there any resources that thoroughly documents EAP-GTC? 
> The RFCs do not provide much information. 
> Regards.
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