EAP-SIM configuration on v2.1.12

Tony Phung thphung at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 09:08:43 CEST 2012

Hi experts,

I am trying to configure eap-sim on and when I start the radiusd process I
get the following error:

 Module: Linked to module rlm_eap
 Module: Instantiating module "eap" from file /usr/local/etc/raddb/eap.conf
  eap {
        default_eap_type = "sim"
        timer_expire = 60
        ignore_unknown_eap_types = no
        cisco_accounting_username_bug = no
        max_sessions = 4096
 Module: Linked to sub-module rlm_eap_md5
 Module: Instantiating eap-md5
 Module: Linked to sub-module rlm_eap_leap
 Module: Instantiating eap-leap
 Module: Linked to sub-module rlm_eap_gtc
 Module: Instantiating eap-gtc
   gtc {
        challenge = "Password: "
        auth_type = "PAP"
Ignoring EAP-Type/tls because we do not have OpenSSL support.
Ignoring EAP-Type/ttls because we do not have OpenSSL support.
Ignoring EAP-Type/peap because we do not have OpenSSL support.
 Module: Linked to sub-module rlm_eap_mschapv2
 Module: Instantiating eap-mschapv2
   mschapv2 {
        with_ntdomain_hack = no
        send_error = no
 Module: Linked to sub-module rlm_eap_sim
 Module: Instantiating eap-sim
 Module: Checking authorize {...} for more modules to load
 Module: Linked to module rlm_preprocess
 Module: Instantiating module "preprocess" from file
  preprocess {
        huntgroups = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/huntgroups"
        hints = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/hints"
        with_ascend_hack = no
        ascend_channels_per_line = 23
        with_ntdomain_hack = no
        with_specialix_jetstream_hack = no
        with_cisco_vsa_hack = no
        with_alvarion_vsa_hack = no
 Module: Linked to module rlm_realm
 Module: Instantiating module "suffix" from file
  realm suffix {
        format = "suffix"
        delimiter = "@"
        ignore_default = no
        ignore_null = no
/usr/local/etc/raddb/radiusd.conf[698]: Failed to link to module
'rlm_sim_files': ld.so.1: radiusd: fatal: rlm_sim_files.so: open failed: No
such file or directory
/usr/local/etc/raddb/sites-enabled/default[157]: Failed to load module
/usr/local/etc/raddb/sites-enabled/default[69]: Errors parsing authorize


Are there anything that I have missed?

I have setup the config as follows:

The eap modules are present

# pwd
# ls rlm_eap*
rlm_eap_gtc-2.1.12.la       rlm_eap_leap-2.1.12.so      rlm_eap_md5.a
        rlm_eap_mschapv2.la         rlm_eap_sim.so
rlm_eap_gtc-2.1.12.so       rlm_eap_leap.a              rlm_eap_md5.la
         rlm_eap_mschapv2.so         rlm_eap-2.1.12.la
rlm_eap_gtc.a               rlm_eap_leap.la             rlm_eap_md5.so
         rlm_eap_sim-2.1.12.la       rlm_eap-2.1.12.so
rlm_eap_gtc.la              rlm_eap_leap.so
rlm_eap_mschapv2-2.1.12.la  rlm_eap_sim-2.1.12.so       rlm_eap.a
rlm_eap_gtc.so              rlm_eap_md5-2.1.12.la
rlm_eap_mschapv2-2.1.12.so  rlm_eap_sim.a               rlm_eap.la
rlm_eap_leap-2.1.12.la      rlm_eap_md5-2.1.12.so       rlm_eap_mschapv2.a
         rlm_eap_sim.la              rlm_eap.so

Config files:


modules {
  sim_files {
    simtriplets = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/simtriplets.dat"


  eap {
    sim {
    default_eap_type = sim


authorize {


  eap {
    ok = return

The simtriplets.dat files are located in /usr/local/etc/raddb/

Are there anything that I missed out?

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