Help needed configuring MAB on FreeRADIUS and Cisco switch

alan buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Jul 16 17:20:46 CEST 2012


> Poking around in the radiusd.conf file I checked the section modules
> which looks like this:

yes...thats just for the module config - you then need
to call that module - ensure that sql is not commented out in


> The modules look like so:
> raddb]# ls modules/
> acct_unique   counter             dynamic_clients  files      mac2vlan
>       pap         realm                       unix
> always        cui                 echo             inner-eap  mschap
>       passwd      smbpasswd                   wimax
> attr_filter   detail              etc_group        ippool
> ntlm_auth      perl        smsotp
> attr_rewrite  exec             linelog
> opendirectory  policy      sqlcounter_expire_on_login
> chap          detail.log          expiration       logintime  otp
>       preprocess  sql_log
> checkval      digest              expr             mac2ip     pam
>       radutmp     sradutmp
> I don't see a mysql module in there.

correct. the sql module in 2.x is in the top directory (in 3.x its in the modules
directory to make it common). the sql.conf file tells you all you need to know - including
which dialup.conf file to edit

> By placing the entry you suggested at the top of the /etc/raddb/users
> file and restarting the server I got this:

well, no you didnt...or rather, if you did stick that in the users file
then its certainly not the users file that the server is reading. you are editing
the live server config and not some extracted archive file?

> I am assuming that
> "Tunnel-Private-Group-Id:0 = "3","
> means VLAN 3??

in Cisco speak , yes

> If so I should change it to 20 as that's what has been configured on the switch!

well, yes - that would be what you'd need - except I just used the bit of config
that you were already using - and my examples are just examples...i dont know
your site requirements or what you are doing. if i didm then this would be consultancy
and you'd be paying me lots of money  ;-)


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