FreeRADIUS in failover - HA setup (question)

Aldo Zavala aldo at
Thu Jul 19 02:11:26 CEST 2012

Hi, everybody. 

I was reading the "Deploying FreeRADIUS with the MySQL Cluster Database" whitepaper downloaded from MySQL website, it mentions in "3.1 Deployment Topologies" section that MySQL cluster can be integrated with FreeRADIUS but it always mention FreeRADIUS to be installed in a single node, would be a way to setup FreeRADIUS to be also failover the same way MySQL is, and not run just in a single node always?

Note: Before reply saying that this question should be posted in MySQL forums please consider that I am not asking about MySQL configurations, I am asking about FreeRADIUS product, many thanks to everybody!

Aldo Zavala

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