sql returns fail for some stop requests

Amir Tal amir at ccc.co.il
Tue Jul 24 14:54:46 CEST 2012

After additional debugging the fault seems to be with a rouge backup process running on DB host, causing it to be slow to un-responsive for 10-20 minutes.
(all unclosed sessions are within this time frame)

This is easy to fix, but I'm looking for a way to make a fail-safe solution.
There can always be occasions where DB connection is momentarily slow due to some other issue like network or storage,
Since SQL is used here only for accounting data, is there a way to set the radius to accept all users (or reject all) in case DB is not-available, possibly keeping a buffer of accounting data to be written when DB access is restored?

I am currently considering two possible solitions:
Create a fail over for sql to allow login if sql is n/a, Similar to:
redundant {

and/or use buffered-sql to catch these queries and update them in sql at later time.
Is it possible to use buffered-sql and still perform simultaneous use checks based on same DB?

Thanks for all replies,

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