Load Balance two FreeRADIUS servers (question)

Aldo Zavala aldo at flatwireless.com
Wed Jul 25 09:26:42 CEST 2012

Hi, I have reading few posts that ask how to Load Balance Two or more FreeRADIUS servers, and usually the expert's (Alan and others) answer is  to put a load balancer in front of the FreeRADIUS servers, I will trust you but I still have some questions about this:

1.- What load balancer is recommended? I would suppose that not all of them will load balance the UDP RADIUS well, I see many appliance, brands, etc.. just a thought

2.- Will this scenario cover the fail-over part? when one of my two FreeRADIUS servers stop working, or restart, or crash will the load balancer appliance start sending packets only to the live server until it gets back up?

3.- Isn't the load balancer a single point of failure itself? How is this potential problem usually addressed?


Aldo Zavala

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