Huntgroup Implementation with MySQL and Radgroupcheck

Jenny Blunt jennyshoehorn at
Thu Jul 26 10:51:14 CEST 2012

I'm looking for some help with the implementation of huntgroups. 

Am using mysql and have followed the following topic through:

In sites-available/default I have this, (just after preprocess:

     update request {
               Huntgroup-Name := "%{sql:SELECT `groupname` FROM `radhuntgroup` WHERE nasipaddress='%{NAS-IP-Address}'}"

And the debug log show's this query's working:

     expand: %{sql:SELECT `groupname` FROM `radhuntgroup` WHERE nasipaddress='%{NAS-IP-Address}'} -> Location One

In my radgroupcheck table, I've added 

    Huntgroup-Name == Location One

I've also modified my authorize_group_check_query in dialup.conf as per a recommendation

authorize_group_check_query = "SELECT id, groupname, attribute_name, \
          Value, op \
          FROM ${groupcheck_table} \
          WHERE ( groupname = '%{Sql-Group}' OR groupname = '%{Huntgroup-Name}' ) \
          ORDER BY id"

(Which doesn't make logical sense to me)

What I'm failing to get my head around is how to reject or allow access based on the location their dialing in from?

For example, a user from IP 1.x.x.x should be allowed access at location 1 only.

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