Marinko Tarlać mangia81 at
Thu Jul 26 16:29:08 CEST 2012

Then AP probably doesn't "understand" Session-Timeout attribute... (not 
implemented for example)

It would be helpful to tell us what are you using as AP....

On 26.7.2012 16:08, Klaus Klein wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>  I'm in the process to setup a WPA(2)-Enterprise (IEEE 802.1X) 
> protected WLAN.
> I choose FreeRADIUS (2.1.10) with a EAP-TLS to authenticate and 
> control the access to the network.
> While everything works so far, I just can't get the Session-Timeout to 
> work.
> If I start 'freeradius -X' I can see that FreeRADIUS sends the 
> Session-Timeout information with the Access-Accept message.
> Also if I limit the Login-Time (e.g. Login-Time := "Wk0000-1500") and 
> the remaining time is less then the Session-Timeout, the remaining 
> time is send as a Session-Timeout.
> Nevertheless, after the session times out, no reauthentication takes 
> place and the client stays connected to the network.
> As this behavior happens with all (two) APs I've got, I'm not sure 
> where to locate the problem.(FreeRADIUS, AP or Client (Debian Squeeze 
> with wpa_supplicant))
> Any idea how I could pinpoint the problem either from the FreeRADIUS 
> or the client side?
> Thanks,
> Klaus
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