Abwesenheit (was: Freeradius Installation Challenges)

Klaus Klein k.klein at gmx.de
Sun Jul 29 10:55:13 CEST 2012

Am 29.07.2012 09:45, schrieb George Innocent:
> I'm using nano for the editors

Take a copy of the backup of your original client.conf and start over with that.
(You did save the original before you modified it, did you?)

As already said, all you wanted to put in there is already there.

The only difference:

Out of the 'client.conf' file

#  Each client has a "short name" that is used to distinguish it from
#  other clients.
#  In version 1.x, the string after the word "client" was the IP
#  address of the client.  In 2.0, the IP address is configured via
#  the "ipaddr" or "ipv6addr" fields.  For compatibility, the 1.x
#  format is still accepted.

You used version 1.x  style
client {

In 2.x  it looks like this
client localhost {
     ipaddr =


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