Multi-valued LDAP attribute

Adam Track adamtrack at
Wed May 2 21:05:16 CEST 2012

> No.  The default operator for the LDAP attribute mapping is '='.  If
> you want '+=', edit ldap.attrmap.
> This has been in ldap.attrmap, *and* documented there since 2004.  If
> you're editing the file to add "personType", the PLEASE READ THE FILE.

Thank you very much for that.  Again, I wouldn't have figured that out on my own.  I only email the list as a last resort.

I'd also like to add, although I'm probably going to have my head 
chopped off, that I did read the file.. many times in the past, several 
times today in fact, but unfortunately my brain did not interpret the 
operator description to mean that one need add += for multi-valued 
attributes (much like all my questions before did not seem obvious to 
me, though I suppose they are to others); my brain was sidetracked 
thinking I needed another attribute type in the dictionary file.  
Anyway, I hope at least this email will prevent others from asking the 
same silly question.

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