Volume Limit per user monthly

Johan Meiring jmeiring at pcservices.co.za
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On 2012/05/04 09:06 AM, Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
> First thing to ask your NAS vendor is whether they support the volume
> equivalent of  session-timeout. For example, chillispot has
> ChilliSpot-Max-Total-Octets. If it doesn't, then there's no way to
> enforce the limit using any radius server. Period.


You locally keep track of the Total usage in all sessions for the month.
When you receive an accoungting update, you do the math.

If the user is over, you send a POD.

This is how our local telco works with ADSL.

Unfortunately you only get Accounting Updates every hour, so you might let a 
user run for about an hour before you disconnect him, but you dont really 
have another option.



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