ssh authentication failed problem use freeradius & pam_radius

小牧 muxin at
Sat May 5 14:57:09 CEST 2012


Thank you for you response.
 Alan wrote:
> This is an issue with PAM on the client machine.  Some other module is
doing password checking.  When the password check fails, it re-sets the
password to "INCORRECT".  That password is then sent to the pam_radius
Go fix the client so that the PAM modules don't change the password.

My /etc/pam.d/sshd file contains the following settings:
 -bash-3.2# cat sshd
 auth       sufficient debug
 auth       include      system-auth
 account    sufficient
 account    required
 account    include      system-auth
 password   sufficient
 password   include      system-auth
 session    sufficient
 session    optional force revoke
 session    include      system-auth
 session    required
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