FreeRadius 2.1.12: radclient without coa

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat May 5 19:40:33 CEST 2012

Treusch Thorsten wrote:
> Now we have started to evaluate CoA on FreeRadius for both scenarios:
> a) Receive CoA packets from Node
> b) Send CoA-Requests to node (and analyze CoA-Ack, CoA-Nack
> Reading through several pages i always found "radclient" with the option
> "coa" to send/initiate CoA-Packets.
> And some of my colleagues (development) also use radclient for this purpose.

  That works.

> BUT if i look at our radclient (v2.1.12) the coa option is missing there ?
> Last login: Sat May  5 15:17:27 2012 from
> <>
> [freeradius at sca-radius ~]$ radclient 
> Usage: radclient [options] server[:port] <command> [<secret>]
>   <command>    One of auth, acct, status, or disconnect.

  That's wrong.  The version of radclient has listed "coa" there since
May 2006.  The revision control system is quite clear on this.  So...
who edited your version of radclient?

> Is it possible that this coa option was removed with v2.1.12 (or earlier) ?


> If yes, is there an alternative to send CoA packets from FreeRadius server ?
> I don't want to send CoA packets as a follow up to Access Request
> packet, but want to start it
> from FreeRadius.

  The version of radclient shipped with 2.1.12 has full support for CoA.

  Alan DeKok.

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