Minor update glitch in FR 2.1.12 rpm (CentOS/RH)

up at 3.am up at 3.am
Wed May 9 20:53:30 CEST 2012

Just an FYI (sorry if this has already been covered):

If you update FR via yum in CentOS or RedHat, as is usual practice with RPMs, conf
files that have been modified are not overwritten, so the new version is installed
with an ".rpmnew" suffix.

This works great for most of the config files, but not the modules.  For some
reason, the .rpmnew module file is loaded instead of the original one:

including configuration file /etc/raddb/modules/ldap.rpmnew

The original module is there, but not loaded at run time...perhaps because it sees
the .rpmnew one first?

Fixing it is trivial, of course, once you see what the problem is, but I thought
perhaps the rpm maintainers or FR developers might want to be made aware of it.

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