Sql radgroupcheck match airespace-wlan-id

Paolo Barbato paolo.barbato at igi.cnr.it
Mon May 14 11:33:13 CEST 2012

Hi Alan,

this way paolo, since belong to rfxguest, is reject all the time


5	rfxguest	Auth-Type	:=	Reject
4	rfxguest	Airespace-Wlan-Id	:=	5

…let me change question…I admint I'm a bit confused….where is matched Airespace-Wlan-Id, I mean in which sql table. 

3. Group processing then begins if any of the following conditions are met:
     a. The user IS NOT found in radcheck
     b. The user IS found in radcheck, but the check items don't match
     c. The user IS found in radcheck, the check items DO match AND
        Fall-Through is set in the radreply table
     d. The user IS found in radcheck, the check items DO match AND
	the read_groups directive is set to 'yes'
  4. If groups are to be processed for this user, the first thing that is
     done is the list of groups this user is a member of is pulled from the
     usergroup table ordered by the priority field.  The priority field of
     the usergroup table allows us to control the order in which groups are
     processed, so that we can emulate the ordering in the users file.  This
     can be important in many cases.
  5. For each group this user is a member of, the corresponding check items
     are pulled from radgroupcheck table and compared with the request.  If
     there is a match, the reply items for this group are pulled from the
     radgroupreply table and applied.

On 14/mag/2012, at 11:14, Alan DeKok wrote:

> Paolo Barbato wrote:
>> radgoupreply
>> 1 rfxguest Auth-Type := Reject
>  That should be in radgroupcheck, not in radgroupreply.
>  Alan DeKok.
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