EAP/TTLS Auth problem

alan buxey A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk
Mon May 14 23:51:22 CEST 2012


> Well I've been trying to follow the advice here and also what I've
> found online and in the configs. I attempted to revert to the
> 'default' config files for sites-enabled, as this project was dropped
> in my lap after months of another guy working on it and being
> frustrated, and I wasn't sure what kinds of changes he made.

bad luck. ..and even badder that one of the more exotic implementations
EAP with LDAP) is being looked at.

if the system has NEVER got to a working state then I'd advise to start
from scratch (and ideally with the latest release version 2.1.12 - rather than
2.1.10 which has lots of interesting bugs... you wouldnt start a new project with
Windows ME would you? :-)

so.....you are trying to use LDAP..and from the logs, it looks like LDAP was
queried in the inner-tunnel (ie after EAP session has been started)...but no
user password was found.....which then makes me wonder if the userPassword
attribute you want to use is storing the password in a suitable form?  is it
stored as plain text or NT-Hash?  If not, this wont work.


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