freeradius service doest start

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Thu May 17 13:21:01 CEST 2012

If you installed Ubuntu with default options you likely don't have
permission to access those files.   Try sudo freeradius -X or sudo su before
running that sort of daemon.


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Baris Genc wrote:
>     When i try to start radius service on ubuntu service is fail. How to
>     start radius service on ubuntu?

  See the ubuntu documentation for how to start / stop services.

>     root at 123:/etc/init.d# /etc/init.d/freeradius start
>      * Starting FreeRADIUS daemon freeradius

  Because it's probably already running.

>     root at 123:/etc/init.d# /etc/init.d/freeradius reload
>      * Reloading FreeRADIUS daemon freeradius
>      * /var/run/freeradius/ not found...
>        ...done.
> root at 123:/# radiusd -X
> The program 'radiusd' can be found in the following packages:
>  * radiusd-livingston
>  * yardradius
> Try: apt-get install <selected package>

  Or, try using "freeradius".  It's packaged as that on ubuntu.

  Alan DeKok.
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