FreeRadius autoreply the access chanllenge

Tamás Becz tamas.becz at
Wed May 30 09:43:45 CEST 2012


> Subject: Re: FreeRadius autoreply the access chanllenge
> sam wrote:
> > I setup the in pam.d/sshd to verify the 
> user using 
> > the remote Radius server....
> > I think the message flow is right, but at the point-2 and 
> point-4, the 
> > prompt should be popped and ask us to input the passwd. 
> However, our 
> > freeradius sends the access-Request automatically.
>   It's not FreeRADIUS.  It's the pam_radius_auth module.
>   The application needs to support showing the challenges.  
> In this case, it's sshd.  If sshd doesn't support challenges, 
> then it won't work.

Probably need to set 'ChallengeResponseAuthentication yes' in sshd config otherwise it just says 'Password:'.


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