rlm_perl added pairs disapear after eap authentication

Peter Kaagman P.Kaagman at atlascollege.nl
Thu May 31 16:32:11 CEST 2012

>   If it doesn't, you did something wrong.  Show *what* you did, what
> happened, and what you expected to see.
>   Alan DeKok.

Thanks for the reply Alan. Haven't got a lab available at the moment
will give it a shot tomorrow and get back to you.

Off course I did something wrong.... no discussion there :D

Funny thing is though... the attributes you tell me not to set in
rlm_perl are set automagicly (at least to me it looks like magic at the
moment)... I did not make them up ;) Neither do I manually set an
auth-type other than a default one in the users file as instructed by
the rlm_perl wiki page. But I will get back to you tomorrow with details
on what I did and am trying to achieve.


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