Dialup Admin and PPPoE

Serge Paquin serge at skycomp.ca
Thu Oct 4 04:09:55 CEST 2012

Thanks I'll give that a try.

The NAS I have is a Cisco 7204VXR with an NPE-G2 so I assume (hope) it supports Accounting Interim-Update.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 8:35 AM, Serge  Paquin <serge at skycomp.ca> wrote:
> Thank you.
> I believe our NAS supports this and is working.  If I go into the user it will show they've been connected for days and shows and upload/download value.

That's not an indication of the nas suppoting Accounting Interim-Update.

However, since even chillispot and openvpn supports Accounting Interim-Update, I don't see why whatever-NAS-you-re-using wouldn't support it. It would be just silly :P

> The catch is the reporting.  This data doesn't get updated into the statistics until the user logs off.
> I'm sure it's something specific with Dialup Admin since it's built from the premise of a dialup ISP which will have typical log offs.
> I was just curious if there is a config or change to make to Dialup Admin that would update statistics while an account is still logged on but not duplicate data.

Probably nothing.

Try adding reply item "Acct-Interim-Interval := 300" to a test user (in radreply table, if you're using database backend), login, do stuff that uses bandwidth for 6 minutes or so, and check:
- whether the NAS sends acct interim update (easiest if you can run FR in debug mode)
- whether the acct entry is updated
- whether dialup admin correctly displays the updated acct record

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