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I thought the whole meaning of binding a freeRadius to an Active Directory
is that I have from now on just to configure Users in the AD.
So every device I want to authenticate on asks the FR which then asks the
AD. So the AD will answer if the User is valid and which Service-Type he
On my AD Server I installed the Role NPS, configured a RADIUS-Client and
some Network Policies. Maybe I am on the right way, maybe not... :-(
The AD succesfully tells the FR if the user is valid, just that
Service-Type is missing.



>>    Now I am having the problem that the devices I want to authenticate
>>    requesting the Service-Type(Attribute 6). Do you have any idea how to
>>    the Service-Type in Active Directory for each user? Is that even
>>    or do I have to configure the users file for each user and his
>>    corresponding Service-Type?

>service-type will have come from the NAS - if you are running FR with
>dictionaries then you would see what type of service-type is coming in eg
>or authenticate-only.  if you want to use policies then you can define
those in
>eg users file, get them via LDAP (authorize), or in SQL etc.


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