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Tue Oct 9 08:56:09 CEST 2012

On 2012/10/09 02:21 AM, 劉君羿 wrote:
> I am using *Chillispot* on my NAS. But it doesn't seem to support CoA. Can
> you suggest other AP controllers?
> By the way, I though concurrent accounting was a feature that should be
> supported. I wonder why it's not supported by the major AAA protocols.

Afaik chillispot (coova chilli) DOES support coa.
Look for 'coaport' in the config file.

With chillispot you can also disconnect the user in the accounting-reply packet.

i.e. instead of sending a coa, you can reply to the accounting update 
packets in a way that will disconnect the user.

e.g.  Set the remaining time left to 1 second.
Look at 'acctupdate' in the chillispot config.



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