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Jonathan Bastin jonathan.bastin at peerpointinternet.co.uk
Fri Oct 12 10:16:21 CEST 2012

Issue with doing it that way is you would get decimal values returned which
freeradius can't deal with.

I am posting a bounty of $200 to someone that writes this in Perl and show
instructions on how to install. It must update the replay with Cisco AV pair
and be able to work with large values.

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On 10/10/12 15:25, Jonathan Bastin wrote:

> To me it looks like the value is wrapping. Is this due to that even
> the interpreter in the site config file is 32-bit only. If this is the
> case I presume my only resort it perl. If this is the case could
> someone help me convert this?

You could divide by some large factor inside the SQL database, which is
likely using 64-bit or arbitrary precision internally.


select sum() / 1000000

select quota / 1000000

...to convert to megabytes, and then compare like that.
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