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Thanks Alan and Stefan at first.
I've studied linelog before and tried to figure it out how to output complete auth/acct content in the format I want by it. However I'm not sure if linelog can records multiple lines of records at one time. Because I need to output this log file just almost the same with detail.logIt seems it can only read one "reference" in single linelog module, right?
Or I can reach my goal by implement several instances of linelog responding multiple attributes in auth/acct requests?
--Below is the example--  
reference = "%{%{Packet-Type}:-format}"
Access-Request =="Packet-Type: AR"Access-Reject =="Packet-Type: AJ"Access-Accept =="Packet-Type: AA"Access-Challenge =="Packet-Type: AC"---
It can output the first column "Packet-Type" of my customized authlog correctly, but what if I need to output other columns in the same file?
Another question, how to use "tab" as delimiter to separate values in linelog file?
I am new in FreeRadius, big thanks for all kindly reply of you guys!
Best Regards,
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Look at the linelog module and be thankful for having the ability to do such things with Freeradius...what would you do if you only had eg NPS?



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