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So is it as easy as adding in the scope to the sites-available/dhcp and
creating a sqlippool for the clients?  Or am I vastly over simplifying this.


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> Does anyone have a basic tutorial on how to set up the DHCP server?  I 
> see a

Did you read the config file?

Most of it is still valid. Note that DHCP is enabled by default in 2.2.0, so
no need to recompile the server.

> way to define the scope but does it just assign the IPs from the 
> ippool or do I need to send reply attributes in radius?

See the "update reply" sections. You need to edit those lines as necessary.

The dhcp_sqlipool module (which is an instance of sqlipool module) only
provides DHCP-Your-IP-Address attribute (look at the last section on
policy.conf to see how it does that).

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