MS-CHAP-V2 allow_retry on ldap authentification

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Tue Oct 23 10:59:30 CEST 2012

On 10/22/2012 09:13 AM, Daniel Ekman wrote:
> Hi list,
> I have a fairly large user base doing WPA2-enterprise from various
> OS'es  and smartphones, our FreeRADIUS is running v.2.1.12 and is
> authenticating via LDAP and things are running pretty well, only snag
> I have currently with this is when people change their password. I

Change their password where? Elsewhere, right? So, you want to prompt 
the clients to enter a new password, because the user has changed 
passwords on the server.

> in the latest version allow_retry and retry_msg in the mschap module
> was implemented and this works great on my mac and linux userbase,
> however it does not work for the windows users, the FreeRADIUS server
> is still sending the same things to the user but for some reason there
> is no popup telling the user to change their password so here is my
> actual question, is this supposed to work? should the windows users
> also get the popup saying "please change password"?

Your terminiology is confusing. Do you mean "change password" or 
"re-enter your password". Because the two are very, very different.

To be honest, your email is sort of vague and specific at the same time, 
if that makes any sense - there's some LDAP, some different set of 
accounts, something else...

I've got no idea if Windows can even behave the way you want

> judging from what some threads say like this for example

That message predates major changes to the PEAP and EAP-MSCHAPv2 modules 
to support password *change* (see why I said it was confusing?). So I'd 
be cautious about reading too much into it.

> seems to indicate there are problems but it also sounds like there is
> a solution.
> I have also tried adding the send_error setting in eap.conf but that
> only broke things like I read somewhere it would.

...vague much?

Seriously: "radiusd -X"

If I have time today, I'll try to resurrect our "for comparison" NPS 
server and see what Microsoft do. It's possible you just can't prompt 
Windows in the way you want.

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