.rpmnew files during RPM upgrade

Brian Julin BJulin at clarku.edu
Tue Sep 11 17:37:38 CEST 2012

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> On 11/09/12 12:16, Phil Mayers wrote:
> This approach of a separate available/enabled modules dir is the default
> approach in the MASTER branch (to be 3.x)

Would redhat packaging policy allow the package scripts to instead
create e.g. modules.rpmnew/ and stuff its files under there
instead?  (My hopes aren't high.)

> I don't think blacklisting specific extensions in the conffile.c source
> is helpful, personally. It's "magic" and hardcoded lists are a pain -
> what seems reasonable to one person can be annoying to another.

Sounds like the job of a main config file directive, e.g. ignore_suffixes=

That way it could appear right before the INCLUDE line in the
configuration file so it's right out there in the open.

Not that I'm volunteering :-)

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