EAP-SIM on 2.2.0

Francois Gaudreault fgaudreault at inverse.ca
Thu Sep 13 16:52:55 CEST 2012

>> I am not too familiar with that, so it's hard to comment.  I can ask the
>> MS EAP team if they want to share more. I guess they tested it working
>> with their own stuff, but never re-tested with other device type.  I
>> believe it's another 3GPP/RFC understanding kind of thing.
>    Probably.
I just got back an answer from them.  The reason of the patch was 
because when the supplicant was doing EAP negotiation between AKA-PRIME, 
AKA, and SIM, for some reason the server was using the wrong Identity. 
I asked them if they tested a "forced EAP-SIM" situation with their 
supplicant.  We'll see I guess :P

>> I tested with an iPhone 3GS device running 5.0.1.  I still need some
>> bytes to make it work and test with our Android (get the SRES/Kc from
>> the Micro-SIM).
>> I don't know if others on the list made it work with that patch on.
>    I think few people are using EAP-SIM.
Well you are probably right, but when providers will start pushing 3G/4G 
offload for real (if they ever do), there are not many ways of doing 
it... I think :P  The reason of those tests on our side is to support 
WISPr and/or NewGen hotspots with our product.


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