generating ssl certs in debian squeeze

austin wonderly lacrosse1991 at
Sat Sep 15 05:14:12 CEST 2012

hello, thanks for the tip, although unfortunately im am still getting
problems :(  have included the out of eapol_test right here and also what shows up in the freeradius logs
as well (have included the file names that i currently have in in my
/etc/freeradius/certs directory), would you
guys know of anything that I could do to resolve this? it actually seems
like the same problem that i've been having with the other solutions that I
have tried earlier on (yesterday and today), thanks again for the help too

On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 9:17 PM, val john <valjohn1647 at> wrote:

> Download the tar.gz file form freeradius , in that file , in folder
> "freeradius-server-xxx/raddb/certs"  provide very easy way generate certs
> (./bootstrap) , just copy its  its content to the  freeradius in debian
> "/etc/freeradius/certs/"
> Thank you
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> From: austin wonderly <lacrosse1991 at>
> Date: 15 September 2012 03:23
> Subject: generating ssl certs in debian squeeze
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> Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials for generating ssl
> certificates for freeradius in debian squeeze? Have been trying to find a
> method that would work over the last few days and have not found a solution
> yet (have probably spent around 6-7 hrs just getting this part to work so
> far), I am trying to setup a radius server to provide eap-ttls
> authentication for a non public network (windows machines, as well linux
> based machines would be on the network), if someone could point me in the
> right direction though or possibly offer some advice I would really
> appreciate it as i've pretty much exhausted my options at this point in
> time. having said that, would there be any downsides to just using the
> "snakeoil" certificates in this type of configuration? thanks
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