Customization of RADIUS reply

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Sep 17 16:56:50 CEST 2012

Václav Pernica wrote:
> I’m configuring the FreeRADIUS together with the Oracle DB. I need to
> get the user authenticated and in the reply provide the parameter
> "mailbox_fullname" from the DB.

  Does the RADIUS client understand that attribute?

> The Oracle DB has for my purpose only one view which contains the
> following columns.
> mailbox_id,mailbox_email,mailbox_fullname,mailbox_password
> I created new attribute in dictionary:
> ATTRIBUTE       Full-Mailbox-Name       3000    string

  You need to read the comments in raddb/dictionary.  It explains how to
send new attributes in a RADIUS packet.

  Hint: you're doing it wrong.

  This is documented.

> The user authentication works, however I need to have in the reply the
> value of “mailbox_fullname” from DB query. Instead of it, there is
> nothing.  Could you please advise how to get in the reply
> “mailbox_fullname” for the corresponding mailbox_email?

  Read the file you edited:  raddb/dictionary

  Alan DeKok.

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