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You'll find that Alan and the rest of the volunteers who maintain the code base and the mailing list can be remarkably friendly and helpful, IFF the questions come from a place of obviously having read the documentation and tried the suggested process first.

Snarkiness happens, but only when said documented processes and examples seem to have been ignored.

After working your way through the wiki and the in-code documentation, perhaps you could contribute some ideas about how the existing materials could be make more useful to you. I'm sure that would be welcome... particularly if you offered to help :)

Steve Lovaas

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Kriston wrote:
> While this comment is clever, would you provide a corrected example?

  See the default configuration files.  There are HUNDREDS of examples.

> Why not post the correct syntax and show us?

  Because we did.  The default configuration and documentation contains
hundreds of examples of the correct syntax.

> This mailing list could be so much more useful if people could provide actual
> answers instead of invectives.  Reading the archives makes me feel
> embarrassed for the rest of the FreeRADIUS project.

  Your concern is touching.  You clearly care so much about the project
that you can't be bothered to read the documentation so that you can use
it correctly.

  The "sql_user_name" entry YOU EDITED contained a correct example.  The
"man ulang" documentation you were pointed to describes the syntax in

  Can you explain how you took a WORKING EXAMPLE, and butchered it so badly?

  Hint: If you're too lazy to look at the existing examples, and read
the existing documentation... them we're too lazy to "cut & paste"
examples for you.

  Alan DeKok.
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