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> Alan,
> Thank you.
> Our database has some problem and the response is slow.
> Since the problem itself seems to take long time to fix it, we wanted to
> avoid it.

Are you using sql ONLY for accounting?

If yes, then Olivier's suggestion on using decoupled accounting might help.
In fact, on some scenarios where the db is actually fast but has a somewhat
high latency (e.g. mysql cluster), I'd highly recommend that.

However, since you say the db response is slow, you'd only be putting
band-aid on the wound. The detail file reader may very likely end up hours
or days behind the actual accounting packet.

If there is no way to do, then we will try to find the otherway.
Fix the db. It's the right thing to do.

The usual causes are:
- too much data (e.g. tens of millions of rows from years of accounting
data in a single table)
- inefficient indices (too many index which slows down writes, or no index
used which slows down reads)
- not enough disk IOPS available (e.g. using 2 x HDD in mirror mode for a
db with hundreds of writes requirement per second)
- default, untuned db

A qualified dba should be able to help you.

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