MAC Address Auth

George Chelidze gchelidze at
Mon Apr 8 13:39:27 CEST 2013

On 2013-04-08 15:18, Mulindwa wrote:
> Hi good pple, have been reading on how to enforce the attribute of 
> Mac-Addr and i have not seen it anywhere.
You don't read carefully what "good pple" reply to you. Ironically, the 
reply to your question is attached to your question.

As Matthias already pointed out:

1. Put *Mac-Addr* to your dictionary (or make sure it's already there).
2. Remove it from your reply list and put it into the check list.

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> Hello,
> add the correct check item to your user database. In the case below 
> (User-Name = user2000 at ut3) you should have the check item
> Attr-2352-145 == "5c-7d-5e-3f-d0-f7"
> for this speicifc user in your user database. Then you repeat this for 
> every user/mac-address pair you want.
> Best regards, Matthias

George Chelidze

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