Setting different IDLE-TIMEOUTS based on IP Address

John Giordano john.giordano at
Tue Apr 16 19:24:38 CEST 2013


So I have done a fair amount of RTFM'ing and search engining but am stumped.

Perhaps someone on this list has successfully done what we are trying to do:

Have our FreeRADIUS Server assign a different IDLE-TIMEOUT Value based on what IP Address is contacting the RADIUS server.

OS: CentOS 5.8

FreeRADIUS Version: 2-2.1.12-4.el5_8

We have FreeRADIUS working fine (it has been a rock in fact and is running under Daniel Bernstein's daemontools).  We just need to add this functionality as some of our network gear needs to have a different IDLE TIMEOUT than others.

Is this possible?

Thanks much,


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