rlm_passwd help

David Brodrick David.Brodrick at csiro.au
Wed Apr 17 04:47:17 CEST 2013

We're experimenting with freeradius for authenticating users in a custom 
application. It was straightforward to get this authenticating against 
the OS:

DEFAULT  Auth-Type = System

But what we want to do is maintain a list of usernames and crypt 
passwords in an external file, separate to the operating system users. 
The rlm_passwd module should do what we want but I'm having some trouble 
getting it to work.

In the radiusd.conf modules section I have:

        passwd our_passwd {
                filename = /tmp/testpwd
                format = "*User-Name:Crypt-Password"
                hashsize = 100
                ignorenislike = no
                allowmultiplekeys = no

In sites-enabled/default I added "our_passwd" to the authorize section.

I think that part is essentially working and on my random walks running 
freeradius -X it looks like it is reading our passwd file okay. The 
thing I do not understand is what to put as the Auth-Type in the users 
file in order to authenticate against our file rather than against the OS?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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