Username with spaces (MySQL)

Andres Gomez Ruiz andres.gomez at
Thu Apr 18 05:03:33 CEST 2013

Hi everybody.

I'm using freeradius to log many wireless user, It works great.
I have a MySQL table working with freeradius, and I use some SQL_counters
to control the "timeup" of my users (based on the raddacct table of the
database); everything work great, but I only have a problem:

Using a captive portal the user "USER1" can login wirh he freeradius server
and it record the event int the raddacct table. If anohter user wants to
user the same username "USER1" he can't login (I'm using the simultaneus
SQL script). But if an other user use the usrname "USER1   " and he puts
some "spaces" after the username, HE CAN LOGIN!

So I have many users using the same username putting one, two, three,
...etc., spaces after the username.

How can I solve this situation?
May be with a SQL query that ignores the spaces in the username? (talking
about the sql counters)

Thanks a lot!!!


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