Comware 3 Switches (3Com 4500, 5500, 5500G - H3C S3600, S5600) - EAPOL v2 and v3 being dropped.

Nick Lowe nick.lowe at
Thu Apr 18 20:05:20 CEST 2013

Dear All,

If anybody still uses any Comware v3 switches anywhere with 802.1X,
they had a bug until recently where they would drop and not respond to
all EAPOL v2 and v3 in flagrant violation to the 802.1X-2001

These are switches such as:

3Com 4500, 5500 or 5500G series
H3C S3600, S5600.

Upgrade to 03.03.02p19 (3Com) / R1702P39 (H3C) or later to resolve
this. (As of writing, 03.03.02p21 / R1702P42 are the latest.)

If you are using any 4210Gs or 4200G still, then you are SOL as there
has been no update for them to correct the issue.

I had a battle mid last year getting HP to get this fixed. (We are
seeing supplicants now using v2 by default so it was causing pain, and
in the case of Cisco's AnyConnect, v3.)



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